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Guardian Lutheran

Learn how we gave this church and school a bold new identity and built a website that cut costs and became a central point of communication for the entire community.

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Web Development & Design

Your business needs an online presence that is engaging, easy to use and keeps your customers focused on your message while growing your profits. We believe that design is about problem solving and when affected by business strategies produces powerful results. It's more than a website, it's your business.

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Software as a Service

Looking for a high performance, low cost solution for business software? We can show you how to improve productivity, automate business tasks and increase sales all while lowering costs. Our solutions are web based, can be accessed from anywhere, integrate with 3rd party applications and are scalable.

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Our Team

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience designing and programming for the web. We bring you ways to make your customers smile. We offer you the chance to be listened to and respected. We help you exceed your goals.

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Our Approach

We like to create "win-win-win" situations. That's a win for you, a win for your customers and a win for us. We treat our clients like business partners and favor a teamwork approach that includes honesty and creative problem solving.

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New Site & Services Launched!

Well, after several months of hard work, it's finally here. A great big thank you to all who believed, helped and patiently waited while we crafted our new online home in between client projects, meetings and hardware upgrades. A few new features are available to our partners such as: an online project management and billing suite to allow progress updates and easy management of projects and accounts. Also, our new hosting packages give partners the ability to take total control of their online environment. It's like having you own server for a fraction of the cost! Sound interesting? Give us a shout and we'll give you the scoop.

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Why Web Design is not Art

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending one of the premier events in the field of web design. The speakers, the spectators, and the contacts I made were all exceptional. The only that kept gnawing at me was how a few people kept comparing web design to art. The idea that web design is art, or should be considered art, is one that seems to pop up whenever designers and developers get together. I, for one, beg to differ. As I've said before, web design is NOT art. Here's why...

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