DEC 15

New Site & Services Launched!

Well, after several months of hard work, it's finally here. A great big thank you to all who believed, helped and patiently waited while we crafted our new online home between client projects, meetings and hardware upgrades. A few new features are available to our partners such as: an online project management and billing suite to provide progress updates and management of projects and accounts. Also, our new hosting packages give partners the ability to take total control of their online environment. It's like having you own server for a fraction of the cost!


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Additionally, we're developing new products to help businesses expand their markets, track their advertising campaigns and automate their operations. The new solutions will be completely web based and offered on a pay-per-month basis. Our focus is shifting towards creating web based business solutions rather that just producing websites, however, websites still remain an integral part of any online business solution.

Despite all the talk of economic doom and gloom it looks like 2009 may be our best year yet. We welcomed a new designer to the team and will be looking to add a salesperson or two before the end of the first quarter. So if you know anyone with the right qualifications, you know what to do. With the growth of our business, you can expect us to be doing some more hiring in the near future, so stay tuned for job postings and offers.

Once again we would like to thank those who helped make our current situation a reality and wish everyone the best for 2009.

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