Actron Systems

Project Overview

Designed several years ago, the website for high tech security provider, Actron Systems, didn't provide the functionality they needed and had to be modernized with a new interface, CRM and content management functionality.


The Challenge

Actron Systems had a website that wouldn't give you the impression that the company was an international supplier of high tech GPS security solutions to government agencies and corporate clients. The company needed something that looked fresh, was easy to use and conformed to Section 508.

Actron also wanted more functionality on their site like special contact forms and the ability to capture leads and manage customers. They needed to update their site in a way that was easy and intuitive, and it would be nice if they could be found on a few search engines as well.

The Solution

After analyzing the competitive landscape, and understanding the techniques of their competitors, we had a better idea of how we could help. We started by supplying Actron with a list of all the things their potential customers were searching for on Google, Yahoo! and Live. This allowed us to tailor content to what potential customers would be looking for.

After the majority of the content had been written we decided on a new site structure and developed a clean, easy to read, easy to navigate interface that was Section 508 compliant. After coding the interface, we integrated it into our web based software that allows Actron personnel to easily maintain the site, capture leads, manage customer requests, measure the results of advertising campaigns and more - all from one web based interface.

site is not live yet

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