MDX Interactive

Project Overview

We needed a new look. A simple hair cut and change of clothes would not suffice.

We decided to re-brand our company and re-launch our web site while integrating web based software and services for our partners.


The Challenge

We develop websites and software for businesses. We've been doing it a long time. We're good at it. We wanted to show off just how good we are. We could've created something over-the-top to show off our chops, or we could've created something plain and corporate in order to play it safe.

But we decided to take the road less traveled. We needed to combine graphical awesomeness with an awesomely useable interface. And we needed to do it in our spare time. You know, between client projects, meetings, hardware upgrades and the like. No sweat.

The Solution

We first began the process by asking ourselves, "If we were going to hire a web development company, what would we want to see and hear?" After answering that question, we decided to ask a few of our best customers what they would like to see on our new site. The process of creating and editing the actual content took place over a period of several months.

We created a theme and developed some variations on that theme for our target markets. Then Lucian, our designer, created a unique layout that would maximize space while still allowing content to be easily scannable and readable. The result is the graphically awesome yet awesomely usable interface that you see before you. All bow in reverence and admiration...

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