Project Overview

We set out to develop an identity and website for an online software platform. We just had to give it a name, a pretty face, and send it out across the Internet to conquer the world. Really now, how hard could that be?


The Challenge

Spitfire is an all-in-one solution for running a business online. The website interface had to be stripped down enough for a business audience yet colorful and engaging enough to stand apart from the sea of bland business offerings that are peppered across today's Internet landscape.

The features and benefits of the software must be made immediately apparent so there was little time for happy talk and philosophy. Above all the site had to sell the solution and offer plenty of calls to actions without appearing too pushy.

The Solution

After gathering some market research and brainstorming for several days, we came up with the name “Spitfire”. Our potential customers fell in love with it and we immediately got to work on a logo. After creating a massive amount of written content, our designer created a clean, usable interface that made the product stand out from the pack. The entire process of development took a little over three months.

While we were integrating the design into the software we created an affiliate marketing campaign to help boost sales via word-of-mouth, an email marketing campaign to pull interested parties back to the sign-up page, and some training videos to teach our users the ins and outs of the system.

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